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S02E01: Premiere – Champs vs The Dream Team

Miss SA Lalela Mswane faces off against Proteas legend Vernon Philander in a battle for R50 000 towards their chosen charity! They both teamed up with UCT Online High School.

Powerful all-rounder and former South African cricketer, Vernon Philander, plays with Tahirah Naicker, UCT Online student, who has been practising her game face in anticipation for her chance at success. Their nominated charity beneficiaries are eager to find out if they will they be bowled out, or score a hat-trick in funds and financial confidence.

Miss South Africa 2021 and LLB graduate, Lalela Mswane teams up with UCT Online Student, Zoe Petersen, in the hopes of being awarded the ultimate confidence boost by gifting their moola winnings to a good cause. Will their game journey be a red-carpet walk of fame, or a bank forfeited walk of shame?

S02E02: Ndou Sisters vs Team Musuku

It’s sisters against sisters in this episode! Ramaru sisters, Khumbelo and Nyandala fight it out against Thandeka Mhlongo and Siphokazi Ndou. Which team will cash out, and who will be forced to go for broke?

Girls just wanna have funds! Sisters Thandeka Mhlongo and Siphokazi Ndou, strive together to be financially responsible, live within their means and remain debt-free, in life and in game. Will they be able to compound their interests for success or will they face joint liability to recover from a moola money knockout?

Girl-power sister team Khumbelo and Nyandala Ramaru combine beauty and brains, times two, with the intention of securing a profitable payout – and a little extra. Will their attempt at financial fortune be a resounding success, or will expenses and budget cuts eliminate their moola money riches?

S02E03: Team Mapeko vs The Rams

Siblings vs siblings, team Mapeko and team Rampedi battle against each other to see who will be rolling in the moola dough, and who will be leaving with empty hands and empty wallets. Hosted by Nicolette Mashile and Tyson Ngubeni.

Soweto siblings, Boitumelo and Marore Mapeko, team up to go for gold and maximise returns on their investment. Will their bond pay off in dividends or will they be forced to go for broke and rework their budget?

Siblings Rathipa and Molobele Rampedi combine talents and wit in the hopes of winning big and paying off some debt. Will their familial financial knowledge yield a fruitful return, or will overheads and overdrafts result in a nett loss?

S02E04: Team RBL vs Team Monageng

In this exciting episode, engaged Team RBL take on the cousins, Team Monageng, to see who will be lucky and skilled enough to take home the cash prize, and who will forfeit their funds. Hosted by Nicolette Mashile and Tyson Ngubeni.

Engaged pair, Nozenze Mahloani and Bongani Radebe, play together in life and on-screen with the goal of securing a passionate and profitable financial future for themselves and their children. Is a healthy bank balance on the cards for them, or will the game call their bluff?

Cousins, Kgomotso Tsatsi and Bridgett Mahlangu, unite in their quest for financial freedom, health and wealth. The dynamic duo are striving to win in order to create fiscal peace of mind for their families. Is a capital accrual in their future or will their game-show equities be taxed and axed?

S02E05: Team Nalo vs Team Lean & Mean

Team Lean and Mean go head-to-head with Team Nalo, competing for R50 000 in this exhilarating episode. Which team will have financial fortune in their future, and which team will eliminate their chance at moola riches? Hosted by Nicolette Mashile and Tyson Ngubeni.

Married couple, Werner and Winnie Thomas, partner-up in order to improve their financial assets and attempt to liquidate any liabilities. Will their game-show journey result in a capital gains, or will they be forced to declare game-show bankruptcy?

Husband and wife team, Lona Ngubegusha and Nande Kizza, play together with the goal of banking big bucks. Will their ambitious approach pay off and result in a large cash out, or will their debits be out of order?

S02E06: Team TNT vs Team Pinky & The Brain

It’s Pinky and The Brain vs Team TNT! Bronwyn and Ashley compete against Itumeleng and Thando, each hoping to knock out the competition and take home the R50 000 winnings. Hosted by Nicolette Mashile and Tyson Ngubeni.

Chartered accountant, Itumeleng Sibiya and her brother Thando Masekela, hope that their gameplay will result in a payable overdue invoice and a tidy investable lump sum. Will they succeed in making their moola money dreams a reality, or will they lose their balances and be taxed in defeat?

Cousins Bronwyn Abrahams and Ashley Donnelly partner together with the dream of expanding their shared net worth and keeping their balance sheet in the green. Will their bonds be solid enough to reach maturity or will their profit margin be dismal?

S02E07: Team Step-Sisters vs Team Van der Moola

This thrilling episode shows Team Step-Sisters take on Team Van Der Moola. Both teams hope to be the lucky winners of the R50 000 cash prize – who will fortune favour this time? Hosted by Nicolette Mashile and Tyson Ngubeni.

Sisters-in-law (and hopefully sisters-in-luck!) Fehmida Osman-Latib and Tasneem Hoosain share their entrepreneurial spirit in an attempt to make massive moola. Will their investment cash out a tidy profit or will it result in a mediocre marginal return?

Belle-of-the-ball Helene Olivier and her husband, Joseph van der Merwe, combine their financial strategies and skills in their aspiration to bank big bucks. Is fashionable victory in their fate, or will they make no common cents?

S02E08: Team Moola Murrell vs Team Hlomuka

Couple versus couple, Thokozani and Silindile versus Craig and Joni. Both teams play their hearts out in the hopes of taking home their share of the R 50 000 cash prize. Who will it be? Hosted by Nicolette Mashile and Tyson Ngubeni.

Math-wiz educators and mom-and-dad, Thokozani and Silindile Hlomuka, calculate their odds together with the aim of adding to their assets. Can they count on their collective economic strengths – or will their sum equal a negative balance?

Competitive couple, Craig Murrell and Joni Rice, merge their skillset with the hopes of winning the big-time bonus. Will their time well spent show a growth in their portfolio, or will they see their moola dreams disappear through the revolving doors?

S02E09: Team Naidu vs Team Sitoe

Team Naidu contend against Team Sitoe, each hoping to cash out a tidy profit and leave the other team moola-less and in their dust. Time will tell, tune in to see who the winners will be!

 Local actress, Mayuri Naidu, teams up with nephew Arshan Magan, in the hopes of landing the role of big-time game-show winners. Will their combined financial skills be enough to dazzle and steal the show, or will they wish they had a stand-in?

Aspiring financial-fundi Goitsemang Mokae plays with her brother Godfrey Sitoe, to realise their dreams of netting savvy investments and managing their moola with confidence. Will their joint venture show a sibling bond strong enough to triumph or will these two stakeholders liquidate their assets?

S02E10: Team Mind Your Moola vs The Nkomos

Team Mind Your Moola challenge The Nkomos cousins, to see who will emerge victorious with the R50 000 cash prize, and who will end up in game-show bankruptcy. Hosted by Nicolette Mashile and Tyson Ngubeni.

Renowned joke-star Mpho Popps, teams up with beloved Afrikaans pop-singer and television presenter, Nádine, in anticipation of achieving Moola Money victory. Will their fiscal performance please the crowd and net them big bucks, or will their assets decrease in value?

Moola Mazwi cousins Nambitha & Khanyi join forces in their goal to bankrolling their secure financial futures. Can they succeed in banking bucks and applause, or will they leave with empty hands and wallets?

S02E11: Quarter Finals

It’s the quarter finals, and the last eight families fight it out in the game show arena. Each team hopes to be one of the last 4 teams who will make it to the semi-finals. Who will the lucky four teams be? Hosted by Nicolette Mashile and Tyson Ngubeni.

S02E12: Semi Finals

Four family teams remain, each playing their hearts out for one of two spots in the Grand Finale and its R500 000 grand prize. Stay on the edge of your seat, it’s a close race! Hosted by Nicolette Mashile and Tyson Ngubeni.

S02E13: Finals

It’s the Season Grand Finale, and the question everyone wants an answer to, is: which team will win the R 500 000 cash prize? Don’t miss out on this exciting final episode! Hosted by Nicolette Mashile and Tyson Ngubeni.